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I got dobbed make by Jules -> (This is now my second time to do so because of firefox crashing>. <) 1. I was born in Rijswijk in the Netherlands (The Hague share) and grew up in Brisbane before heading to Melbourne.2. I want to live and work in the United States (I fell in love with SF), but I realize how much the quality of life here, Australie.3. I have not seen my parents in over 6 years (although I see my mother in May and I have to go to Brisbane to see Dad this year) 4. I love music, I had a lot of luck and a chance to see some amazing acts and meet great people in the techno scene in Melbourne but I still tend to fall back into my love of cheesy music (mainly Pet Shop Boys, Kylie, Madonna, etc.) 5. I have very low self soi6. I'm a little naive and paumé7. I never used to believe in gay marriage (look where I am now * laughs *) 8. I wanted to be a chef when I was a kid (if I had to do it again - I'd probably become a leader), but Dad would never let me in the kitchen (I was a mess) .9. My guidance counselor in high school told me that I would never go anywhere in life - I now have six years of college / university education under my belt - Associate Degree in Marketing, Bachelor Marketing, Bachelor in Marketing and a graduate certificate in the gestion.10 supply chain. I can not drive a manual (stick-shift) and I act like I own a sports car (that crazy Larry) .11. I do not understand the term moderation - I tend to take things to excess souvent12 too. I bitch about gaining weight but I can not help it (no time - I really do not have time ...) 13. I am a very generous person (may not work if it's a good thing or a bad thing) 14. I was very lucky in my vie15. I always thought that I was no longer a person chat16. I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see Larry :)
comment gain confidence in soi />
GALA Magazine (March 1957) Barbara Nichols – Sirens of the Sands … contact with both sides (June 10, 2011/8 Sivan 5771) … 2b .. Roy Orbison – You Got It (Original Mix) …
GETTING STARTED … Think of someone you will be fascinated to meet, someone you’d really like to know what makes him tick. Now realize the most fascinating that you could ever meet is one … yourself ………. ***** All images are copyrighted by their respective authors point ….. ………. 1) …. … / sp … HOME SPIRITUALITY 48 Ways to Wisdom … Channel 4 : Introduce yourself to yourself ……………………………… img Code Photo … 4 Ways to Introduce yourself (medium) _ (English). jpg ……………………………… Do not go through life making assumptions about who you êtes.Prenez time now to “meet” yourself – before a crisis happens and forces question.Juin 10, 2011/8 Sivan 5771par Rabbi Noah Weinberg Have you ever take the train to go somewhere, only to find that you in the wrong direction? The same thing happens in life. We set goals and make plans – and sometimes discover that we are on Bi-ha-Vinat dish literally means “understanding heart” The heart is the seat of emotions “the wrong train.”.. We say: “My heart is heavy, my heart is lifted, my heart is broken,” etc. To understand your heart is to understand your true self intérieur.Beaucoup people go through life making assumptions about who they are . They never take the time to “meet” themselves. Do not be afraid to discover the “real you” may be different from the often crisis strikes in midlife when people ask “you know.”: “What is my life Is it really worth it? “We heard stories of people who suddenly change direction, quit their jobs and getting divorced. You know, like the successful doctor who decides he never wanted to go into medicine in the first place – so that it falls and becomes a artiste.La self-knowledge is the essence of being alive. If you do not know, you do not live. If you do not know what makes you tick, you’re a robot, a puppet, a zombie.Alors, do not wait for a crisis. Life is too short to take the wrong gear .. —– GETTING ROUTEPensez someone you will be fascinated to meet, someone you really want to know what makes a person realize craquer.Maintenant the more fascinating than you could ever meet is … you même.Asseyez you, say hello and introduce yourself to yourself. Familiarize yourself with yourself if you just met a long-lost cousin. Ask yourself. Ask questions about your life and the direction you are going. Search your dreams – both those that you pay and the ones you pushed to the back of your esprit.Descendez to basics. You want to be rich. You want to be famous. You want to be good. You want to accomplish. You mean. You want to be creative. But why do you want this? What do you drive? What you really want in life? Process of self-discovery is to ask a series of questions, always probing deeper until the underlying truth emerges. Ask yourself 10 questions you want to ask a close friend. Then wait for answers. Do not worry, nobody will laugh at vous.Quel is the purpose of life? What is my purpose in life Why did I choose this career? How do I spend my free time? What is my motivation to do what I do? What makes me really happy? I’m as happy as I want to be? Is it more important to be rich or to be happy and what are my future plans? Why and what are my secret dreams and ambitions? Do not be surprised if the results are not immediate. This process can take several months. Stick with it and discover what makes you tick. The answers lie there. After all, you have a fascinant.Enfin partner, the most important question to ask is: “What do I live?” It sounds like a simple question, but many are embarrassed to ask. An inner voice said, “No, why ask such a basic question?” We are resistant because we know that it requires a lot of hard introspection. And when you know you perfectly, then you’ve changed. You have changed your relationship with yourself and the world .. —– CONFIDENCE IN DECISION DÉCISIONLes people often avoid making decisions for fear of making a erreur.En fact, failure to make decisions is one of the biggest mistakes of vie.Imaginez the beggar who receives a letter saying that he inherited a million dollars. If he has not read the letter, it is rich … or not? Similarly, God gave us free will to make choices in life and achieve greatness. But if we are not aware of our control, we do not really have it. And then we end up blaming others when things go wrong – even if we know that the decision is really nous.Si you do not use your potential, it wears on your confidence. Do you know what your potential is? Have you tried to use? You have to approach life. You have not abandoned you? Move forward with the game, the company really live, not just “going through the motions.” Know the difference between “decisions” and just floating, falling into place. Did you choose to go to college? Or maybe you had nothing to do with the decision. Was it something you did just because you graduate high school and everyone doing? Have you thought through and actually make a decision Imagine this private conversation with a student: Why I am going to college to get a diplôme.Pourquoi Because I want to get into a good graduate school?. Why? So, I’ll get a good travail.Pourquoi? So I can not pay my student loans! Through the process of questioning, he reveals a logical flaw in its reasoning. Really, the main reason to go to university should be to acquire wisdom, knowledge and information. ! In other words, to get an education Now, try the same process, using this example: Why do I want to marry Do not accept easy answers?. Keep asking “Why, why, why?” Be honest. It is you. Ask any question you want. Be patient and persistent. Finally, you get a réponse.Lorsque you analyze a problem thoroughly, so you can make informed decisions in all confiance.Identifier where you lack confidence. What makes you nervous? What are the situations that prevent you from being yourself? Why can not you make decisions? Do you not know how to make decisions? Or you doubt your decisions after they are made? Or you simply do not want to make decisions? Enjoy decisions. Dealing with the world you live in. It’s like the dynamics of life .. —– Insulate your BLOCKSChaque once you find it difficult to reach a goal, understand what you retient.Tout the world has problems. Being aware of these problems is the key to get in touch with yourself. Because as long as you do not face problems, they rot and bug derrière.Écrivez you by your “blocks” on a piece of paper. This is a good step in the right direction. By isolating specific obstacles you put in concrete challenges that require solutions.Demandez you: I’m lazy? Why Am I disorganized? Why? Should I be angry? When Why I never defensive? About what? What makes me jealous? What makes me arrogant? Will I have trouble making decisions? Why? Did I lack self-discipline? Did I lack confidence Why do not I take more initiative? Negative character traits are the roots of our problems. Make a list of your negative traits, and identify when they affect you the most. Then analyze what triggers these reactions in you. Finally, make a efficace.Travailler against-through approach that takes time. But do you have anything better to do right now?. ÉmotionsEntrez —– READ your contact with your emotional state. Take a reading of what you feel. Happy? Angry? Tense? Sad? Emotions are a measure of what is happening beneath the surface. It’s like taking your temperature. If you are sick, you should be aware if you can solve the problème.Découvrez why you’re upset. Who or what do you pressure? Is it an internal or external problem? Identifier.Disons you are irritated. Why, because the boss engueulé.Alors me, why am I angry? Because I renvoyé.Alors what? Why it bothers me Because I feel that I am not bon.Je’m not good? He’s crazy! Leave yourself and track. If you do not, it’s just an irritation. And the next thing you know, you go home and cry to your enfants.Une Once you have identified what causes negative feelings, adjust to minimize the impact. Either avoid these situations, or prepare to manage when they surviennent.En addition, the root of negative motivations that corrupt your behavior. Let’s say you give to charity. Why? Motivation is to help humanity. Another is the pleasure of being constructive. A third is the desire to do the right thing. These are all positive motivations. A negative motivation for charity:… “I want people to admire me” This is corruptrice.La next time you give charity, do so anonymously Eliminate the wrong reasons they are destructeurs.C is the same with positive emotions. Be aware of how your emotional state affects decisions. For example, do not buy a new stereo when you’re in a euphoric mood. Wait. Think about it. sensible.Identifier You are what makes you happy. You can have more joy on a daily basis, making certain practical applications. you in the morning, it’s a beautiful day and your big feet. You are full of energy. Now take that feeling and teach you how to get up on the right side – every day Another example:. You did a good job and got compliment the boss Now Focus: Do you need the boss to say you did a good work? No! Create your own fun to do a good job .. —– Getting in touch with your two côtésTout the world wants to greatness. We want self-respect, power, glory. we want to accomplish , to be strong, to do the right thing, even to save the monde.Pourtant, at the same time, we have a cons-like running away from responsibility, to bed and crawl under couvertures.Quelqu ‘ one can say: “Life is beautiful”, but it does not feel his emotions on hold and he walks ongoing Recognize the volcano of conflict within you. “Ugh, life is a burden.” What you really “want” versus what you “feel”, etc.. This is the conflict between body and soul. Once you appreciate the dichotomy, you can identify at any time if your body or the soul speaks. This makes it possible to live with common sense and choose the right chose.La next step is to make peace between your two sides. The easiest way is to overwrite the drive to be great. But life is not to take the easy way. Just because you feel uncomfortable about an idea does not mean it’s bad for you. It’s hard to break habits and growth can be effrayant.Par example, ? would you be happy or rich Okay, you want to be happy Now imagine this exchange:. “. Come, I will teach you to be happy All it takes is effort and change” . “Oh, I would, but I can not now. It is impossible. I have a plane to catch. “Really?” I will pay you 000 a week to work on happiness “Where.” Sure! Do I register? “” Oh, but I thought you can not now … “We conceal our problems with rationalization “I’ll wreck my mind thinking about what life! Nobody really knows what life is. It’s not going to work. Nothing can be done about it anyway. I do not really care. It’s not worth the time! “The Sages say that a person made a mistake when overcome by a moment of madness. Then realize that you are fighting” madness. “This is not logical. You must be on guard. Because if you get off track, you’ll pay for it on route.Alors … do you want change? What do you have against it? Feel the antipathy of the body. We are terribly lazy. The body wants just sleep. “Aaaah … I do not want to change. I’m pretty happy. I’m comfortable in my niche of misery. “Are you rich enough? No! So, are you happy enough? You see the importance of tracking that down? You must identify the animal as you fight.” Fear of change. “If you’re alert, you see the enemy. You can fight it. You may lose a battle with the body, but at least you have your confidence. “I know what I’m doing.”. CORPSEntrez in the Coax —– touch with your spiritual heart. Know what drives you. Do free will a subconscious thing. Want to greatness. But the body says it’s too much effort. Attempt to convince the body, try to identify the tangible benefit. “Why is it necessary and what should it do for me?” We must bring home to emotional realization. “What can I lose?” What do I win? “It is only then that the idea has the power And you go out and faites.Voici the secret formula. Identify with your intellect and your heart long coaxial For example, if you are emotionally convinced of the value of the discount. fit, even if you break out in a cold sweat and your heart is doing palpitations, you will continue because you have decided:. “I want this,” you know it’s important.Pour avoid negative reactions, emotions should feel comfortable with the changes you make. Learn to relax and reassure the body. Coax the body and say, “It will not be so bad. Remember the last time you made an effort, how you felt! “Be encouraging and reward yourself for succès.Ne not say that it does not work. Did not make the effort. Do not give up your intuition and perception. Just realize that you have not yet been home to update Think how basic human drives affect you:. safety, self-respect, honor, passion, social pressure, and possessions Pay attention. particular to the way you take responsibility. Lets say you made a mistake. Want to apologize to a full and frank manner. Yet you feel like forgetting anything, to hide, to run away and say ” it is not my fault. “This is the volcano. We want to be tough, dedicated and powerful – but we feel like being marshmallows. Choose the path of the soul does not come naturally. It takes a lot of time and hard work .. —– What you savezNe not think that just because you understand something, you live with it. It is possible to believe that in a sense, and yet another act. It happens to us all the time. You can believe that it is important to eat healthy foods, but you gorging on French fries and cake chocolat.Nos actions are determined by our level of clarity. If we understand a fair idea on a superficial level, then we have a hard time sticking to it when things corsent.La next time you go to a funeral, watch carefully. When they remove the body of the chapel, the mourners start to cry. Are they crying because they want the body to stay! N All of a sudden there is an awareness of death, he will not return. At the cemetery, they lower the coffin into the ground and still grieving mourners. This is the emotional death is final maintenant.Jusqu ‘that you align your feelings with reality, you are in dreamland realization. Growth begins in the mind, but your heart has to buy into all your mind discovers. It is only then that you incorporate these ideas into the living day jour.Beaucoup people believe in God. There are very few people who live with God. Does that make sense? You should understand something you accept as true. It must become a part of you .. —– Five fingers CLARITYVous cold you have to know, as you know your hand has five fingers. How do you know you’re on the right track? How do you know you’re not making a mistake at this time? To develop this clarity, articulate the important principles that guide your life. For example, in Judaism we say that love is an obligation. Is this reasonable? Work the problem by yourself with “. Ridiculous You can not force me to love.” “But if I have children, I love them” “?” Of course I love my children! ” How do I know? I do not know what kind of kids that I have. Maybe they’ll be brats and I will not like. “” I will. I have to love my children. “Do you see the contradiction? On an intuitive level, you know that love is an obligation. But the concept is not so clear that you can exprimer.Prenez your time. Sort fundamental aspects of life. Ask you important issues on global and spiritual issues of life. – What is the meaning of life – It’s good to live – How do I feel about humanity – What Does the above – How do I understand good against evil – Do I freewill How can I activate -? What makes me sad is it normal to be sad ? – How do I feel about God – Am I proud to be a Jew – How do I understand the Holocaust Some of these topics may be unpleasant to think if this is the case?. why is it bad? The traquer.N not use only slogans to parrot things that you heard. know why you do what you do. Otherwise, it is just about the company. You can be adopted part of society without analyzing its validity. out.Travailler Check it through all the questions until you have “clarity five fingers.” A man who knows what he wants to get there. Willingly or force. It’s like a homing mechanism on a missile. If you set it right, you’ll get there .. —– Why “self-knowledge” an ingredient in wisdom? can know the truth, if you look honestly you même.Les emotions are powerful forces of greatness. Knowing them. Exploiting eux.Identifiez your problems. This is the beginning of their résolution.Si you do not get it right now, you’re required to make some bad erreurs.Ne not be afraid to discover who you are vraiment.Utilisez your free will as a conscious tool life meilleure.Si you are angry or upset, stalk. What is the root? If you act illogically, at least acknowledge that for you The key to sanity is to let the truth in corps.Vous can not afford to wait too long to get to know you. Because you are the most fascinating person you will ever meet …. Point ….. 2a) …. YOU GOT IT by the great Roy Orbison! From multi-platinum album “Mystery Girl” Orbison (available on iTunes! uo = 4 ), You Got It was written by Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty. Recorded 1988.Roy began his career at Sun Records with Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis in the years 1950. Become the biggest selling artist in the early 1960s with a string of hits like “Oh Pretty Woman”, “Mean Woman Blues,” “Love Hurts”, “Only The Lonely” Crying, “” Running Scared ” “In Dreams”, “It is finished,” “Blue Angel,” “Blue Bayou”, and much more. Orbison alone brought us fashion sunglasses, to popularize masses.Il suffered many tragedies in the late 1960s and in the 1970s retired and was ripped by many companies and leaders Company music. When he decided to record again, it was one of the most anticipated in the history of the music returns. Orbison smashed his way to the top of the charts of modern music with “You Got It”, “California Blue”, it is a mystery, “and” A Love So Beautiful “and” I Drove All Night. “The movie” Pretty Woman “became the best-selling soundtrack to date. More music business lawsuits and record company embargoes pulled Orbison off the radio, off the television, and record stores in the 1990s, but in recent years it has increased slowly to its place at the top thanks to children and adolescents who have recently redécouvert.Appelé him as “the true king” and “Man in Black Rock & Roll “Roy Orbison in his time was called” The Big O “! Everything you want … For more information about Roy” The Soul of Rock and Roll “Orbison, please visit Category: MusiqueLicence: Standard YouTube License …. … Lyrics Roy Orbison – You Got ItChaque When I look into your beautiful eyes, I see a love that money just buy cant.Un look you, I Drift Away.Je pray that you are there to rester.Tout what you want, you the ‘avez.Tout what you need, you obtenu.Rien at all, you obtenu.Bébé! Whenever I want you, I begin to understand, Everything about you tells me Im your homme.Je live my life to be with vous.Personne can do the things you faites.Tout what you want, you got it. Whatever you need, you obtenu.Rien at all, you obtenu.Bébé! Everything you voulezTout what you besoinRien the shebang happy to give my love to vous.Je know you feel as I fais.Tout what you want, you got it. Everything you need, you obtenu.Rien at all, you obtenu.Bébé! Whatever you want, you obtenuTout what you need, you obtenuRien at all, you obtenuBébéRien of toutBébéYou got it … Item 2b …..) …. youtube video … Roy Orbison – You Got It (Original Mix) … 3:36 minutes … Jaime Dias LenzariniPosté 16 August 2011Vh1 version not éditéeCatégorieMusiqueLicenceLicence Standard YouTube. …